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Skid steer loader

Skid steer loaders

The skid steer loader has been a very popular, and useful, machine since its development in the late 1950s. From those early loaders with less then a dozen horsepower, to modern 100-hp diesel-engine machines, the skid steer is useful in farm, construction, landscaping, snow-removal, and many other applications. DiggerData.com currently has information on 383 different models of skid steer loaders from manufacturers such as Bobcat, Caterpillar, Gehl, and John Deere.

Compact track loader

Compact track loaders

A logical evolution of the skid steer loader, compact track loaders are more than merely skid steers with tracks. The machines, sometimes referred to as multi-terrain loaders, utilize a bulldozer-like undercarriage for maximum utility with their tracked drive. Most skid-steer manufacturers have a few compact track loader models and DiggerData.com has information on 39 of them.



Created in the 1920s by mounting a blade on tractors, the bulldozer is an indespensible tool for serious earth-moving. General A.D. Bruce (USA) called it one of the "secret weapons" of the war in the South Pacific due to its usefulness. So legendary has been Caterpillar's connection with these machines that "Cat" is often used to describe any tracked dozer. DiggerData currently has information on 9 different models.

Mini loader

Mini loaders

They're called mini track loaders, compact utility loaders, and Dingos (a tradename of Toro). These walk-behind loaders are perfect for smaller jobs or tight spaces where conventional skid steer loaders won't fit. DiggerData has information on 24 models of the small, but powerful, machines.